Our research and collaboration has been and continues to be featured in various media. This publicity is our contribution to the science communication in the society. Apart from engaging in scientific discussions in the academia we also try to communicate our research in non-expert language to the public both in Finland and in Tanzania. One of our motivations for this is to give our audience a diversified picture of Tanzania and Tanzanian drive for future.  Following is a selection of media reports on our work.

25.10.2021 UTU News

3.8.2020 UTU News

30.1.2020 UTU News

30.10.2019 UTU News

22.10.2019 Turun Maantieteellinen Seura ry

26.08.2019 UTU News

09.05.2018 Embassy of Finland, Dar es Salaam

27.09.2015 Turun Sanomat