TitleYearLeader and partnersFunding and links
Social innovations in Geo-ICT education at Tanzanian HEIs for improved employability (GeoICT4e)2020-2024UTU with TUAS, NoviaUAS, UDSM, ARU, SUA, SUZA, MoCU 

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / HEI-ICI

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Tanzania Resilience Academy2019-2021UTU with UDSM, ARU, SUZA and SUA

The World Bank

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Climate Risk Database (CRD)

Geospatial and ICT capacities in Tanzanian Higher Education Institutions (Geo-ICT)2017-2020UTU with UDSM, ARU, SUZA and SUAMinistry for Foreign Affairs of Finland / HEI-ICI
Sustainability, scale relations and structure-function-benefit chains in the landscape systems of the Tanzanian Southern Highlands (SUSLAND) 2014-2019UTU GeographyAcademy of Finland (Development Research)
Geospatial Business Ecosystem in Tanzania (GESEC)2016-2018UTU Geography and Future TechnologiesBusiness Finland/BEAM (former TEKES)
National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Integrated Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning in Zanzibar (ZAN-SDI)2016-2018Finnish Environment Institute SYKE (Lead) with UTU Geography and NLS of FinlandMinistry for Foreign Affairs of Finland/ICI project with the Government of Zanzibar
Pre-GESEC (preparatory project for geospatial business ecosystem in Tanzania)

2016 (6 months)

UTU Geography and Information Technology Business Finland/BEAM (former TEKES)
UTU-FAO Forest Plantation Mapping in the Southern Highlands2016 (6 months)UTU Geography UN/FAO 
HEI-GIS capacities in Geography education at the University of Dar es Salaam2013-2016UTU Geography with UTUHEI-ICI/Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Knowledge Creation Processes (KREPRO)2012-2016UTU Geography SA/Academy of Finland
Changing land use and forest management practices and multidimensional adaptation strategies in Zanzibar, Tanzania2010-2013UTU GeographySA/Academy of Finland (Development Research)
North-South-South (NSS) staff and student exchange networks coordinated by Åbo Akademi 2008-2010, 2011-2013 and UTU 2013-15.2008-2015UTU Geography NSS/Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Rural Settlement Development, Land Ownership and Food Security since Ujamaa era in Eastern Tanzania2008-2010UTU GeographySA/Academy of Finland (Development Research)
Practical measures needed to tackle climate change2008UTU Geography Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Sustainable landscapes in Zanzibar2005-2007UTU Geography MOSSE/Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland
Interaction between community, forest plantation and biodiversity2003-2004UTU Geography MOSSE/Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland