Together with our Tanzanian and international partners we have several ongoing research, education and development cooperation projects. These deal broadly with geospatial and ICT applications and address practical needs in the society.

We have science-practice expertise ranging from land change and participatory landscape planning to geospatial and ICT education, business and innovation development.

Our participatory, co-creative ways of working and long-term partnerships in Tanzania will ensure mutual learning and development of geospatial and ICT applications based on the needs in the society and in the institutions.




3 months ago

UTU Tanzania Team
Today the delegation from Finnish Embassy in Pretoria, Ms. Lina, Ms. Alexandra and Mr. Joonas visited the Resilience Academy & GeoICT4e university, Ardhi University. The visit aims to emphasise the importance of collaboration between Finland and the global South Embassy of Finland in Dar es Salaam – Suomen suurlähetystö Dar es Salaam University of Turku See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

UTU Tanzania Team
GeoICT4e and Resilience Academy eam. See MoreSee Less

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