Together with our Tanzanian and international partners we have several ongoing research, education and development cooperation projects. These deal broadly with geospatial and ICT applications and address practical needs in the society.

We have science-practice expertise ranging from land change and participatory landscape planning to geospatial and ICT education, business and innovation development.

Our participatory, co-creative ways of working and long-term partnerships in Tanzania will ensure mutual learning and development of geospatial and ICT applications based on the needs in the society and in the institutions.


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3 days ago

UTU Tanzania Team

Computer Science and IT department students who are raised under the Geo-ICT project were participating in mapping tourism attractions in Zanzibar Google Street View. These students are part of the group of students that will participate in an internship programme under the Resilience Academy. See MoreSee Less

3 days ago

UTU Tanzania Team

GeoICT and Resilience Academy Coordinators after being interviewed by a World Bank Communication expert for an " introduction video" for the Resilience Academy project.
13th June in Dar es Salaam.
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Visit our ongoing Geo-ICT project webpage

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  • Geo-ICT Entrepreneurship and Innovation workshop week in Dar es Salaam
    Author: Emma Nkonoki / Geo-ICT team An inspiring workshop week related to entrepreneurship and innovation was held as a collaborative effort of the Geo-ICT team in March 2019 in Dar es Salaam. The aim of the workshop week was to foster a close working connection and partnership between higher education institutions and the innovation ecosystem. […]
  • Trainings held so far
    In the Geo-ICT project, the staff of partnering universities has been trained in the following topics: Introduction to geoinformatics (November 2017) Pedagogy for teaching staff (March 2018) Remote sensing with open source tools (March 2018) Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Education (October 2018) Pedagogy, Research skills, GIS, remote sensing (several short courses, September-November 2018) Innovation lead education […]